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What is Theatre Revolution?

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Welcome to the first of many blog posts for Theatre Revolution! A question we get a lot is... “What is Theatre Revolution”? Typically we hem and haw and give some thoughts but let’s tackle it here. Viva la Revolution!

Phase one.

An idea. An idea that started when the internet was new. When a fledgling writer wanted a vehicle to share thoughts on theatre and provide live content a la “Playhouse 90” Give artists a chance to get their work out into the world like those early writers of television were able to do. It was “Theatre Earth” back then. Back when not everyone had a cell phone and people were just starting to figure out webcams. The idea was bigger than Theatre Earth’s knowledge. Then came YouTube. Oh well. No ideas are original. Back to reality. The end?

Some ideas are pesky little buggers. Fast forward to Facebook live, and a car ride with Margie Ferris and WiFi, and iPhones and cameras and...and....the idea came up again. Theatre Earth. Too nice, too friendly, too generic. After some brainstorming Theatre Revolution was born. A call to action to Margie Ferris and Jess Erick and a name broad enough to include anything new. Any ideas and technologies that maybe haven’t even been thought of yet. Theatre Revolution is an action, a verb, a revolution! Live broadcasts began in 2016 and resulted in the play “Good Friday” live on Facebook with Jess Erick and Tim Harbolic directed by Anthony Valbiro. Successful but challenging to sustain. A pause.

Phase two.

Another idea. Go see theatre. Talk to theatre makers, build community. Enter the on camera people headed by Michael Patrick Sullivan and followed by Jess Erick, Margie Ferris, Levi Joseph Green, Anthony Valbiro and Jane Valentine. What a great ride this has been! Getting to know theatre artists, their work and their process on a deeper level. We are still in this phase and if you’d like TR to come visit your rehearsal let us know! We are here to get the word out about your work and connect artists to each other.

And yet another idea. Produce theatre! TR successfully produced “Monologues of the Invisible and Ridiculous” with sold out shows at 12 Grapes, a book in hand production of “Happy Ending” with Axial Theatre and now....drum roll... TR is collaborating with GoJo Clan Productions to produce “Glass Ceiling Breakers 2019: A Celebration of Women Playwrights” on June 21, 22 & 23 at the Philipstown Depot Theatre in Garrison NY. And with that, we invite you to join us in examining current practices and actively reach out to people who are under represented in theatre, even if we stumble, falter and fail at times.

Phase three.

The website. Welcome to a work in progress. We hope to keep it lively and active, post more of the videos that we record out in the theatre world, dive deeper into making theatre, provide audiences a resource to finding and learning about theatre in one easy location and...just keep creating and growing and trying out new ideas.


We are still an idea. We continue to brainstorm and try new things and stumble. Join us. See what happens as a revolution begins to grow and thrive. Check back often, reach out, share, create, participate, support, encourage. Make theatre. See you soon.

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