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Theatre Revolution will be holding auditions for its upcoming production of the Free and Fair Playwright Festival written and directed by Gabrielle Fox and K. Lorrel Manning. Non-union only.


AUDITIONS: By appointment on ZOOM.

PERFORMANCES: June 3, 4 and 5, 2022 at the Philipstown Depot Theatre in Garrison, NY


Please submit headshot and resume to:

Prepare monologue to present live on ZOOM.

There is a humble stipend for the entire cast and a negotiated travel stipend if necessary


Free and Fair Playwright Festival is a theatre experience that highlights voter suppression laws in a satirical, comedic way through a fake playwright competition. Playwrights Gabrielle Fox and K. Lorrel Manning have created the fake "playwrights/candidates" and have written material for them. This audition is for characters created by Gabrielle Fox.




FRED McCARTHY: (40-70) White, male identifying. Pronouns- He/Him. Straight, entitled playwright. Blustery. May or may not have written a play.


DOROTHY ANTHONY: White, female identifying (ancient by cultural standards, she’s anywhere over 50). Pronouns- She/Her. Playwright. Aware of every single bias everyone has but doesn’t know what to do about them. Oh, and she follows the rules.


GRAY McBRIDE: Any Age. Gender non-conforming. Pronouns- They/Them. Playwright. Participates but half heartedly because they know this crowd and that they are not taken seriously. (only gender non-conforming actors should submit)

BLANCA CORTEZ: Any age. BIPOC, female identifying. Pronouns-She/Her. Playwright with AOC type vibe. Charming and also over it. 

EDDIE BOOKER: Any age. Black, male identifying. Pronouns-He/Him. Playwright with the passion and creativity of Cory Booker

MORGAN WILDER: Any age, any gender, any race. Stage manager. In control (mostly) headset, ipad etc. …no one ever appreciates the stage manager.


CAROL: Any age, any gender, any race. Character created by Dorothy Anthony. College History professor on the first day of school.


PASTOR/PARENT: Any age, any gender, any race. Character created by Gray McBride. Could be a reverend, priest, priestess, snake oil salesperson or motivational speaker. No one really knows. But they definitely know how to motivate, inspire, and agitate people into action. Timeless.

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