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Glass Ceiling Breakers Short Play & Film Festival
June 14, 15 & 16 at the Philipstown Depot Theatre

GCB2024 Films

Alright Robot-Tova Hopemark

To cope with isolation, a Jewish millennial befriends her robotic voice assistant; but can a robot really help her navigate the experience of being human?

American Baby

Ordering your first taco might not be as easy it seems. Kavitha and Balaji discover this one Tuesday when they stumble into - and hold up - the lunch line at Emmanuel's.

B33BFAAF-3BC4-4440-92CC-3A0563B0A670 - Stacey Larkins

A visit to Gina's intolerant mother in law triggers an argument between her and her husband Todd regarding her involvement with their biracial child.

Asynchronous poster

Agnes struggles to teach her public speaking course asynchronously during covid quarantine and becomes dangerously obsessed with her town's mayor. Starring Sol Miranda (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Reed Birney (The Menu), and Adam LeFevre (The Sinner).

BLOOD-Poster-18x24 - Melissa Skirboll

Two sisters living in the same city but completely different worlds reconnect over a meal. A mother suffering dementia pulls them back home but before they can return the trauma of their past must be addressed.

B&Eposter_vertical_laurels (9) - Heather Spilkin

An uptight personal organizer goes to battle with an unhinged millennial lifestyle guru in a mad competition to offer their clients the most life-changing decluttering experience.

Poster 3 - Yufei Du

In a world without sunlight, a protagonist seeks clarity through various light sources, reflecting the human quest for understanding amidst self-comparison and complexity.

CORK_2_20_portrait - Marta Renzi

Personal and public intersect in the city of Cork, as 3 women, unfased by chilly weather and friendly passersby, dance on a bridge.

Dandelion_pop_poster_YELLOW - Gillian Simpson

What if dying gave you a second chance to live

69A9DCB5-E7C7-45AF-9EEA-ACE0A67FFAB5 - Terek Young

When an aging priest hears the confession of a mysterious stranger, the tables turn and he is forced to confront his secrets, and confess his own sins.

For Roy_Film Poster Laurels - Vivian & Ian Tan

Inspired by true events, an imaginative girl attempts to fold a thousand cranes as she learns to lose her father during his final days in the hospice.

HELL WEEK poster

It's "Hell Week" for this community theater production of "Mame," and tensions are running high.

HMM! Poster - Kacie Newport

It's an awkward date and it also happens to be their last minute on earth!

HWM_CLEAN-Poster_v01 - Roe Moore

A couple recall how they got together where their version of events don’t quite align with reality. This is a fun, off-beat comedy that will probably deliver a few home-truths.

A short film by sara Elbatheshey - Moha Doha Prods

A young girl suffers and then deals with depression the best way she knows how.

kairos_poster_laurels_rev2 - Melanie Armer

A middle-aged woman's idyllic life is upended when she has to put her mother in a rest home.

Lady Liberty

"Lady Liberty" tells the story of Tom, who truly believes if he springs his wife out of the Alzheimer's care facility that she's in and takes her to the Women's March On Washington, her memory will return and she can come home to him.

Lettre La- Poster - Kyvon Edwin

A charming West-Indian radio host sets out to do his weekly show when an unusual letter throws him out of groove


Broadway actress Kitty must face her reality in a nightmare with her Brain and Heart.

 Poster - Meteoroid - Mo Langlois

A passionate geologist Ernie helps you differentiate space debris.

One Night Friend Film Poster - Dionna Johnson

Myles and Sam think they are in for a fiery night between the two of them, However, Myles confesses something that causes their night to slow down.

Papa George (2) - Yarilis Ramos López

Betty's world shifts when she stumbles upon a hidden truth: her beloved grandfather George, harbors a secret—illiteracy.

POSTER - Julia McGill

When a young woman escapes to a house in the jungle to take a "mental health day", her loneliness makes her even more confused.

PersonalMythologies_Poster - Susan O'Brien

Painter, Dominique Castelano reflects on her trans identity through folklore from her native Philippines in this visually rich portrait.

rendezvous - Kacie Newport

Two lifelong friends, divided by their views of cultural tradition and what it means to be a modern Bengali woman, reconnect at a pivotal moment in one of their lives.

shorebreak poster - Thea F

Shorebreak enters the world of New York's only volunteer-driven turtle rescue-and-release program, New York Marine Rescue Center, to see how the first turtle release of the season impacts the lives of the volunteers and community members.

IMG_0661 - Debra Markowitz

At a parole board hearing, James Carter asks for a freedom he is not certain that he deserves.

TheSwimmersPoster - Rachel La Loca Strauss

When the pressures of procreating can bust a specimen cup, a baby-fevered couple tries to keep the temperature, and spirits high with the union of biology, Latinx culture, and love.

UNCONTROLLABLE-Final-Poster (RGB) - Mia Geere

When a novelist steps away from writing his latest story, strange things unfold.

Welcome to Theatre

Two slightly lovable, mediocre white theatre producers (think Archie Bunker and Meathead!), try to revive their festival and save the theatre from financial ruin in a post pandemic world.

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